Hello and welcome to 'With a view to fisheries'. Being involved day to day with fish and fishery management has given me an opportunity to provide information and countless action photographs to help explain my area of work. Numerous questions from anglers, fishery owners and the general public has led me to believe people are interested in the work undertaken to improve their fisheries and aid conservation. These reasons have inspired me to create this site to help answer some of these questions.

Cropping & Destocking
The reasons why these are effective management tools
Large Scale drain downs
The proceedures and problems involved
The Falkirk Wheel
See close up pictures of a fish rescue
in breathtaking surroundings

Fish Rescues
Facts and pictures of what is required
to save those fish

Marketing of Coarse Fish
Discover how, where and why coarse
fish are traded
The Feeding Habits of Fish
Always wanted to know what they are eating and why?

All this information plus - purchasing stock fish; a day out seine netting; fish locomotion; farming brown trout; stock assessment; physiological adaptations in fish; fish diseases and much more. Please peruse and i hope there is something of interest for everyone.
Cropping & Destocking - What is done to improve the quality of angling whilst generating some extra income
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