I have decided to dedicate a section of my web site to one of my favourite species the catfish. However, as I know little about the catfish compared to other more common species I have called on the knowledge of others to aid completing an educational and informative section.

A former university colleague of mine and catfish angler Andy Black has kindly submitted some very interesting information that many others will be keen to read. Although a section on angling for the species is available for those chasing big cats it is less common to find such information regarding biology and prey detection so I recommend you take a look as it is excellent information.

Thanks again to Andy and I hope you all enjoy his work.

Angling for catfish
Prey Detection
Descriptions, species & distribution, behaviour and diet. The ideal place to improve your knowledge of catfish.

Want to know how to catch them. This should help any catf.ish angler whether new or experienced. The picture below shows Andy (right) with a beauty
(i mean the fish). Click to get the real picture.

A wonderful insight into the habits and nature of a scavenging fish species.

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